8 September 2019

Exploring the snacks of Graz, Austria (@NLi10)

One reliable constant when travelling is that if you can find a East Asian grocery shop you can eat cheaply - and get a decent tea.  This one wasn't amazing, but did quench the thirst nicely.

They even put out the red carpet when we are in town!  OK - so I got lost and walked through an outdoor theatre bit - but I don't think it was private.  The restaurant looked a little above my prices.

This is more like it - street art and bread products.

This was near the youth hotel complex - in a very dodgy part of town.  The bakery was very good but I suspect people came off the main road, parked up, and sped away fast!  The filling was chocolate.  Mmmmmm.

The station had surprisingly got a lot of high quality snacks - including this choc that I remember Cinabar giving me a decade or so ago! 

I already had too much to carry.

I'll settle for this - more of the lovely Austrian Kombucha and some apple tarte thing - both gorgeous!  All of this hiding in the modern art museums air-con which makes it both a worthy cause and a great snacking venue.

The place also looks like an alien space-craft just like the train station back home. 

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