23 September 2019

Aromatic Crispy Duck in Hoisin Sauce Crisps (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

The thing about writing about a lot of crisps is that when you see a new flavour things get a bit familiar. For example the idea of Aromatic Crispy Duck in Hoisin Sauce Crisps from the Co-Op should sound really different but all I could think about was how many other time I’ve already tried the same flavour. I know I’ve had similar flavours from Tesco, Corkers, Sainsbury and even Walkers themselves released some. Still I’ve not seen any for a while and this is a different shop’s take on the variety.
I opened up the bag of crisps and found they had a sweet fruity aroma. We shared them out with sandwiches, and I could see that they were fairly thickly cut and had a dark seasoning. I gave one a try and found that the sweet scent followed through into the flavour too, and the duck was nicely prominent but tasted more like it was in a plum sauce. I had been expecting a spring onion flavour but there wasn’t anything tangy like that in the taste despite the picture on the front of the bag. Spectre preferred it without the onion flavour and said these worked for him more than the others he had tried. I felt the hoisin was a little sweet especially as an accompaniment to a savoury sandwich, but liked the meaty duck taste either way. I don’t go in the Co-Op that often but I will certainly make an effort to see what other own brand crisps they do.

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