9 September 2019

New Lindt Lindor Mint Bar (Sainsbury’s) By @Cinabar

Mint is one of my favourite flavours for chocolate, I accept I have quite a few favourites, but I assure you mint is right up there. This is a new bar from Lindt based on their mint flavour Lindt Lindor chocolate balls. The bar itself is elongated, and has a long thin form. This makes it look quite posh and different from other bars, except for Kit Kat Senses, which went down the same route! It does look smart though.
The new Lindt Lindor Mint Bar managed to make it home without breaking too with is impressive as it does look more fragile than its chunkier counterparts and it sat in the bottom of a re-usable carrier bag. The aroma is lovely once the wrapper is off, the chocolate pieces break into nice looking large rectangles which form a good sized chunk. The chocolate is quite thick, and has the signature silky smooth feel of Lindt Lindor. The mint is quite strong, but not as strong as an After Eight. The peppermint it still lovely and zingy, but the chocolate flavours here are strong too and add a more mellow aspect to the chocolate bar as a whole. I think it balances both flavours well, and I loved the taste. For me this is an easier way to get my Lindt Lindor fix in  the form of a simple bar. I seem to leave the Lindt Lindor Balls for celebrations as the are produced in gift boxes, so aren’t so reasonable to pick up as an after work treat. This new Lindt Lindor Mint Bar would be tempting to add to my basket when I’m doing a supermarket top-up shop mid week.

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