5 September 2019

More Austrian Meals - and avoiding nasty surprises! (@NLi10)

I'm a big fan of eating out of my comfort zone, and I like to chose things from the specials menu.  Not only do they tend to arrive faster, but it's often the thing the restaurant is most known for.  So - In Graz, Austria I ordered my beer and had a look at the specials.  

Luckily for me - after a lot of confusion over what I was getting I translated the menu's title.

As someone who hates mushrooms this was a lucky escape.  I once had a sort of odd truffle thing that was made with mushrooms that I didn't hate - that's as close as it gets.  I had saved myself the embarrassment of picking out lots of horrible things.  

In fairness the picture should have been a clue but I hadn't even spotted that.

Beer fine, if not a little darker than usual.

What I finally went for was a kind of pumpkin-seed schnitzel with crinkle cut chips!

It was the kind of place that charges for the bread and sauces whether you asked for them or not, but I could cope with that as both of these were fantastic.

So explore the menu - but do google for allergies and general disgusting fungi...

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