13 September 2019

Lotus Biscuit Muffin (Costa) By @Cinabar

Lotus Biscuit Muffin (Costa)

Well September has begun and Costa has launched its autumn menu, eek it will be Christmas decorations next. I might be in denial about the weather changing but I do still get excited about the flavours of the colder seasons. There is something about the spices and warming tastes that make me very happy, but then I do love cinnamon.
Talking of spices the new autumn muffin from Costa is this Lotus Biscuit flavoured one, topped with a biscuit. We practically always have Lotus Biscuits in the house, they are such a nice addition to a hot drink. When I had this muffin I also had it with a coffee, but this seemed a naughtier treat. I plucked the biscuit off the top and tried the fondant that had been holding it on, I was sure it would be Lotus Biscuit spread but my tastebuds were surprised to discover a sweet coffee flavour. It was nice, but I can only assume that the biscuit spread wouldn’t have been firm enough to hold the biscuit on.

Lotus Biscuit Muffin (Costa)

I peeled the muffin apart and found that the centre was filled with biscuit spread. The sponge was lightly spiced with a tasty hint of cinnamon, I liked the aromatic flavour and the warmth. The centre was pure Lotus Biscuit heaven with all its biscuit flavour goodness. Having eaten a large beautifully spiced muffin I realised I still had the biscuit from the top to finish, which was a bit much but I want you to know I battled on.
So yes this Costa Lotus Biscuit Muffin gets my vote, it is a substantial treat but well flavoured and a nice combo product.

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Casey Bottono said...

Thank you for the review. I was looking forward to trying this, but the coffee flavoured icing would be a no for me. Any chance you'll review the chocolate/caramel muffin as well?