6 September 2019

Cadbury Dairy Milk: Caramel Cake Slices (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

The box for these new Cadbury Dairy Milk: Caramel Cake Slices looks very bright and exciting, there is a lovely contrast of colour and I was quite keen to try them when I spotted them in Sainsburys, they looked very appealing. I think I had assumed that inside the box there would be individually wrapped cakes but they were actually packaged in pairs. My initial reaction too was that they didn’t look quite a pretty or interesting as the box had made them look. I guess it is on to the taste test to see if they redeem themselves.

The best part about these Cadbury Dairy Milk: Caramel Cake Slices is the big pieces of chocolate on top, they are generously sprinkled with Daily Milk, and the chocolate was a lovely addition. The selling point of these cakes though is the caramel and the flavour was present, but it was missing the luxury of oozing golden caramel. I found them a little on the dry side, the drizzle of caramel icing on the top just wasn’t enough. The sponge flavour was fine, I just wanted something a bit more interesting texture wise too. I think the problem is that these are nice cakes, ok but if you had them at a friend’s house, you’d like them but not rush to find out what they are. The box makes them look really stunning and for me they were just a standardish cake bar rebranded and repackaged.


Anonymous said...

Is there a recipe for this please

cinabar said...

Sorry it is just a commercial product from Cadbury. Try googling: 'marble chocolate caramel cake tray bake' there are similar things.