12 September 2019

We made it to Prague! Lets try local food. (@NLi10)

I got into Prague by train from Graz very late so followed the locals to a cool indie restaurant where all of the hip people hung out.

Just kidding.  I had a KFC Twister meal.  I did get to hear the other British people there struggle to explain what they wanted to eat - then have a blazing row about it and storm out of the place.  This was especially confusing as any sober person could tell that all of the staff spoke perfect English and could have happily taken their correct order had they managed to ask...

The next day I went looking for more authentic things - these are made in Germany but would have come back for our cat if they hadn't been so darn expensive.

I eventually found small places where the drinks were cheaper.  This is actually Pepsi Max which was a cruel prank to play on someone who needed all the energy for walking.

Maybe I was supposed to get all my calories from these tourist traps that had all of the sugar in them.  These and the nibbly feet fish shops make up around 10% of the centre of Prague.

But I also found these!

Taking the place of the Belgian Waffle shops were these Trdelnik stores.  I grabbed the first one I spotted but there were loads!

I think I should have had one with something inside it as they were very very dry.  They were more bread like that I'd expected and I didn't really fancy a second one.  Maybe Czechia is a savoury place and not one for top sweet treats.

They do have a temple of capitalism next to the museum of communism so they at least appreciate Irony.

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