29 September 2019

Sky Tapas (@NLi10)

To get back from my eco friendly eurotrip by train I could either spend 2 days on trains or 2 hours on a plane - so I took the easy option and flew back to Birmingham from Prague. And of course there were delays, and crowding, both of which I’d not had while waiting for trains. But when on board I had a row of three seats to myself # and the option to buy food.

So I went for the Tapas. As we’ve discussed before - the noise of the plane causes the flavours in the food to become muted so umami flavours like tomato juice are best - so my haul was tapas, olives, tomato and a doughnut.

Sky tapas is quite affordable, it’s long lasting, light and packs away neatly so you don’t pay as much for the fuel and maintenance as for most things.  It’s very meaty and requires a certain amount of messiness, but the flavours are strong and hold up well. I even put my noise blocking headphones in to see if it restored a little sweetness and it did.

The tomato was again the star, it just tastes amazing up here! And the olives were nice too, but I do love olives.

The whole box probably wasn’t massively healthy and is over packaged out of necessity but I’ll be trying to replicate this in future. 

Here we see superhero Donuter and a quite luxury baked doughnut with actual dried fruit. I was hoping for a more exotic flavour but I’ll take this!

This was a little overpriced but as part of the whole deal it worked out ok, and as I had my headphones I still could taste the sweetness of the fruit and doughnut.

A fun way to end a culinary tour of Europe!

And at this rate I’ll get to go back again before they make it much harder to float over borders!

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