7 September 2019

Rosie's Pig Raspberry Roller Cider (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

I've written about "Rosie's Pig" flavoured ciders before. I've written about the damson flavoured cider and also the rhubarb flavoured cider. This Raspberry Roller is flavoured with not only raspberries, but cucumber too. This feels like a real summer cider, so I might be a bit late writing about it, but better late than never… I hope!

Fruit flavoured ciders and beers can often be overpowered by the fruit, and I've had a few in the past that have been completely drowned by the fruit and ended up tasting like a fizzy pop drink. Produced by Weston & Sons; Raspberry Roller is made with fresh pressed Herefordshire apples, which have been slowly matured and left unfiltered for a stronger flavour, so I'm not too worried here…

On opening the can there was a light fizz to this 4% volume pinkish red cider, and a well balanced smell of both cider apple and raspberry. This aroma was predominantly cider apple followed by raspberries. I'm expecting the cucumber flavour to be drowned out here in the flavour. On taste the cider apples have a strong kick and then the sweetness arrived on my tastebuds from the raspberries. There is cucumber here, though right at the back of the flavour. I probably wouldn't have been able to pick it out if I hadn't have seen it mentioned on the can.

This is a very flavoursome and tasty refreshing fruit cider, which I should have probably drank earlier when it was a bit hotter outside. However, I will enjoy it tonight instead.

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