26 September 2019

The Czech Mole version of Micky Mouse (@NLi10)

I’d been seeing these little mole characters around Prague and found out that it’s essentially the communist equivalent of Micky Mouse. There have been a lot of controversies around the ownership of Krychek but that’s not stopped the merchandising!

Even the airport was full of them!

But for us - more importantly they had surprise eggs!

There were a couple of brands but I chose to stick to the kinderesque foil coated two coloured Choc egg.

And a magnet Krteček for our car (I had spare currency)

So far so professional and normal.

And the prize was a good quality, well painted model of the rabbit from the series. Not even worth doing a disappointment wars style article - this is a hit! 

And the Choc was good too - even on the plane this had good creamy and chocolate flavours where they should. If these were in the uk I’d be happy to pick these up especially at non airport prices!

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