28 September 2019

Thornbridge Green Mountain Beer (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Green Mountain is Thornbridge, Riverside Brewery's, take on a Vermont Session India Pale Ale. This IPA is quite a strong 4.3% volume for a session beer, which was a style of beer that was traditionally drunk on break times during working hours. Unfortunately rules are a little tougher nowadays and bosses don't seem to appreciate half-cut employees in the afternoons!

The Green Mountain State is another name for Vermont, in the USA, so this dry hopped IPA should be both aromatic and fruity. I was looking forward to cracking open the can so much, I had to stop typing at this point and pour it out. There was a good strong aroma of herbal hops on opening the can, I'm guessing a heavy hit of Maris Otter, with a few others added in, but I'm purely guessing and may be completely wrong…?

On taste this hazy golden IPA has complex almost contradictory flavours. The aromatic lightly bitter herbal hops tickled my tastebuds with a little fruitiness to start with, and then the wheat and sweet barley malts seemed to battle it out with each other, with the sweet barley malts winning into the aftertaste. Don't get me wrong, I liked this mix of flavours, but I couldn't help thinking that either wheat or barley would have sufficed. As far as I'm aware a Vermont style IPA is usually "all grain", but I may be completely wrong…?

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