16 September 2019

Marathon Bars Are Back!!! (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Marathon Bars Retro Snickers

Younger readers might not know that the original name of Snickers in the UK was Marathon. They changed it in the early 1990s to match up with the American brand which confused us over here trying to work out why our confectionary was changing name. Don’t get me started on Opal Fruits. Although we have come to embrace Snickers, I grew up on the name Marathon and have a lot of nostalgia for it, so when I heard there was a limited edition run of Marathon bars at Morrisons I went off to find myself a pack. It has been thirty years! Gosh I’m old.

Marathon Bars Retro Snickers

For comparisons sake I also bought a multipack of Snickers so I could compare and contrast how the recipe and flavours had changed over the years. I thought maybe these bars would be bigger too, as Marathon bars always seemed bigger than Snickers bars, but I’m not sure if that is just my perception. I think they had a slogan about the size being something like ‘the biggest and the best’, long before the days of worrying about portion control. The Marathon and Snickers I bought were all the same size anyway. I got them home and immediately spotted the the calories per bar are identical on the Snickers and the Marathon bars which was suspicious, and then I read the ingredients on both packets and guess what, they are the same. These are a retro version in packaging only, they just wrote Marathon across the usual Snickers bars wrapper. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. Oh well technically you can now buy a pack of Marathon bars at Morrisons, just don’t go expecting a retro recipe or any changes to the chocolate. This is not a taste of the past.

Marathon Bars Retro Snickers


paulham said...


cinabar said...

I was just expecting more... :-/

Anonymous said...

Do they have the peanut butter nougat? Snickers/Marathons just don't taste the same without it.

cinabar said...

No, it is exactly the same as a regular British Snickers. :-(

Barnickal said...

It was fairly obvious that it was just a rebranding of the same chocolate bar.