2 September 2019

New Snickers Crisp (WH Smiths) By @Cinabar

The thing about commuting is that almost every mainline train station has a branch of WH Smiths so I walk passed their displays sometimes twice daily. It was from here that I spotted the offer shelf with two of the new Snickers Crisp bars at £1.50, so I nipped into the shop and picked them up before jamming myself into yet another delayed sardine can of a train. At least I knew I had chocolate to look forward to once I got home.

First thing to note is that the Snickers Crisp bars does still contain nuts, they haven’t replaced the nuts they have mixed the peanuts with puffed rice to add extra crispiness. Also I was convinced that these bars had become broken in my bag on my journey but realised once I was home that they are actually in two bite size pieces. I’d say this was good for portion control, but I ate a whole bars worth (both pieces) in one sitting, so it don’t make much of a difference to me.
As a fan of textures these bars were perfect for me, having the more solid nuts and the crispy pieces made each mouthful very satisfying to eat. The caramel was lovely and sweet and it still tasted very much like a Snickers, just with added interest in the texture. I was very pleased there was still plenty of salty nutty flavour as for me this the hallmark of a Snickers bar, and as someone who loves chocolate and nuts the reason I’d choose it. This is a very enjoyable alternative that keeps true to the original, just with more crunch.

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SakuraDawning said...

I remember these being out years ago, and I also remember them being delicious!