24 September 2019

Dairy Milk Mini Bars (Sainsbury) By @Cinabar

Okay the actual chocolate here is not new, in fact it is original Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, and things in Britain don’t really get any more classical than that. This is however a new format for the chocolate which is now available in this new Mini Bar format. These bags contain 8 wrapped mini bars. First thing first, I tried to open the bag and struggled a little, I think my bag was missing a ‘rip here’ indent, not sure if other bags have it but most of these types usually do. I had a to snip it with a pair of scissor. Also what I thought was a little odd was that there was no re-seal sticker on the back of the bag. You would assume you aren’t supposed to eat the whole bag in one sitting and thus might want to ensure the rest of the contents stay together, so I was expecting a re-seal sticker.
I took one Dairy Milk Mini Bar out and have to say it does look cute, it is styled a little like a full sized bar but is in miniature. I added a ruler to try and give context, otherwise it might look like a larger bar than it is in the picture. The chocolate was the usually yumminess of Cadbury and I did really enjoy it, sweet, creamy and soothing. Not new but still good. The best thing is this new format. Sometimes I fancy just a little bit of chocolate and being able to have one of these well quench that without adding on unnecessary calories. I actually prefer to have one of these rather than some of the attempts at lower calorie chocolate, like their 30% less sugar edition. Less is more in this case, and did I mention how cute the bars are, it is rather like pretending to be a giant for a few minutes! :-D


paulham said...

Gotta say the 30% less is better for me. A lovely taste that reminds me of a Flake.

Less is more in size?
I'll just leave this here for you to ponder:
Cheapest ingredient doncha know.

cinabar said...

I know - but I like sugar.... Fair play to the 30% bar for not adding sweetener though.

paulham said...

The thing is Cinabar, you may well be addicted to sugar.
It isn't actually a flavour, it's a sweetener. Much subtlety of flavour has become lost in many UK chocolate products.

If you don't touch UK chocolate/sweets for a month, you'd be surprised how sickly sweet they taste.