19 September 2019

DOX - Prague, Art & VIGO Kombucha (@Nli10)

A short trip out of town on the underground, DOX is an absolutely lovely art place.  It took me three attempts to find the front door though, but I think that was the heat and my heady bag messing with me.

To say the Cafe is well stocked would be an understatement!

It's safe to say that had I been staying close I'd have tried all of these - heck if it wasn't for the fact I was going to the airport after this I'd have stocked up on glassware!

I'd never seen Vigo Kombucha before - so I chose the ACAI flavour and discovered that they have decided to go with the health angle.

Some of these claims are very vague guys!  As someone with an overactive immune system do I want to consult a doctor before I drink this? Of course not! It's water and fermented tea - while I don't doubt that it helps fuel my 'friendly bacteria' I think that the fact you put a load of vitamins in it is the main way it'd help someone (but only if they are deficient in those things already!)

Thing is - it tasted great and has the pleasant tingly sensation that I love.  I'd drink more of these given the chance - and luckily the flights to Prague are quite cheap (the tax was more than the flights) so maybe I'll be back one day.

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