17 November 2019

BOL - Spanish Bean & Veg Paella (@NLi10)

Winter lunches can be hard.  Sandwiches lose their appeal as November appears, and there is only so much soup that one person can consume.  When doing an Ocado shop I spotted some meal pots that I bought for my partner.  She liked them, but isn't a massive fan of large amounts of veggies where as I quite like that - so I decided to give the final pot a go.

BOL have decided that the best way to ensure that this looks cool and makes it to you in one piece is to layer the ingredients and then you can cook them nicely without making a mush.

I'd heard from others about meal pots that lose their crispiness, but that didn't happen here - texture was still varied!

What you end up with is a big steamy pot of veg and beans and rice and some lovely flavours.  Do I miss that odd tangy bit of sausage or sun-dried tomato - sure! but then this wouldn't be veggie friendly and would probably turn into a homogeneous mush of single strong flavours.  I'm sure that you could sprinkle in chilli flakes or similar to add pizzazz.

As it stands though this was a charming little winter lunch - one I'd have to be organised about though as work only currently has one microwave and the queue is never short.

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