1 November 2019

Limited Edition Daim Lemon (B&M) By @Cinabar

There is a new branch of B&M open in my city centre, which is nice to see. These days new shops are a rare commodity, and this one that brings the potential of interesting Foodstuff Finds so I couldn’t resist having a look around. It is an epic store, full of goodies and I managed to fill a large shopping bag of items I didn’t know I needed. First on my list is this Limited Edition Daim Lemon.
So Daim bar is usually filled with nutty caramel tones, and the addition of lemon sounds like it should work. I unwrapped the bar and couldn’t pick up on any scent of lemon at all which was weird. All I could smell was chocolate and regular Daim. This was still true even when I broke the bar in half for the photo.

My favourite thing about Daim bars is the texture, crunchy but with soft chocolate, it is always interesting to eat and this bar is no different on that front. Flavour wise there is a touch of lemon, but it is not very strong at all. The lemon and the caramel flavours do work, but oh my this could have been an amazing combination. Unfortunately all I could think when eating the bar was how much I would have preferred a stronger dose of lemon. A proper blast of zingy citrus could really have worked and would have made this Limited Edition Daim Lemon superb, but they went mild with what is traditionally a strong taste. It is similar to a regular Daim, which meant it was still tasty. The Orange Daim from last year hit the spot far better, wonder if I can still find those in B&M?

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