31 October 2019

Pumpkins & Pasta - Halloween Treats (@NLi10)

While getting the amazing chocolate pumpkin lollies I spotted more Halloween treats. Yay!

These are clearly going to be amazing!

Boo is right, at least they taste ok, but these are too small to satisfy without the Choc of the peanut butter cups. I’d give them to treaters if I wasn’t afraid of allergies...

What else do we have? Novelty pasta?

With spooky garlic themed things?

Three cool shapes - spiders and bats and pumpkins! And we have plain, orange and squid ink black varieties too! 

We had to remove the black ones to make them Veggie friendly. It worked! The shapes were more exciting than the quality of the pasta but it was a good meal and I forgot to take a picture. 

So here is my team on Halloween. 

Stay spooky!

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