25 October 2019

Reese’ Pieces King Size Pumpkins (Spa) By @Cinabar

I love peanut butter and chocolate and found this Halloween themed excuse to buy some Reese’ Pieces King Size Pumpkins. They were found in a local shop in the seasonal section, but I haven’t actually seen them anywhere else.
I managed to take a nice picture of the product above, but without the Halloween cue I’m not sure I’d have recognised them as seasonal purely from the contents. Those pumpkin shapes are a bit ropey to say they least, thy look a bit like splurges of chocolate. I’ll forgive them though, they contain peanut butter.

The Reese’ Pieces King Size Pumpkins are actually quite chunky both, especially in terms of thickness. I broke one of the pumpkins in half and could see the milk chocolate coating over the peanut butter and the Reese’ Pieces shell mixed in. There weren’t any whole Reese’ Pieces, which I thought would be inside, just crumbs of shell which is a bit weird, but probably better on the teeth than having hard bits mixed in. They didn’t look that much like the picture on the wrapper to be honest either, there wasn’t any detailing for a start. As it was the shell bits delivered a light crunch to the texture, but not anything substantial to the flavour.

The peanut butter and chocolate was like magic though, I love the combination of salty nut and sweet chocolate and this thicker portion was heaven. I bought this as a Halloween treat but frankly it is a reminder not to overlook the Reese’ Pieces goodies when I’m looking for a treat. I think the Reese’s Cups are a bit better defined too.

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