30 October 2019

Moorhouse's Blonde Witch Beer (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Pendle Hill is renowned for its myths and legends of witches in its deep dark distant past. This Blonde Witch was brewed by Moorhouse's Brewery in the shadow of that frightening Lancashire hill. Like any blonde to a gentleman this beer is said to be particularly alluring with its punchy full-bodied malts and fruity citrus hoppy bitterness. Trouble is, I'm not a gentleman. I like to think I am some of the time. Perhaps most people who pass me by may think so too, but I have something of the dark about me. So maybe any kind of witch may have to watch out? Ah, who am I kidding…?

On opening the bottle of this 4.4% volume Blonde Witch there was a luscious refreshing smell of sweet malted barley like the long grass blowing on Pendle Hill in a cold autumn night's breeze. There followed the fruitiness of a maiden dancing around the citrus hops alluring my tastebuds into a pleasurable sip. This deep golden ale has a full sweet malted barley flavour to begin with, and then the wind picks up tantalising my tastebuds, the dark hill's long grass swirls around my tongue in a spellbinding jig, as the fruity blonde siren sings a merry tune pulling my heart strings closer and closer. Further and further away from reality, as the darkness of the cold autumn night begins to envelope me. I see her beauty, her wanton golden locks glistening in the moonlight as suddenly the bitter citrus in her eyes bites into my soul with my last fateful muffled cry into the black… Never to be seen again…

Happy Halloween!! ;-)

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