26 October 2019

Ghost Dance Chinook Pale Ale (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Ghost Dance… What better ale for a blogger called Spectre to review on Strictly Come Dancing's Halloween night special? There's none that I can think of! This Chinook Pale Ale brings together Galena, Amarillo and Chinook hops to celebrate the Chinookan tribe's Ghost Dance, which is used to re-unite the living and the dead in peace and prosperity. Sounds pretty good to me. I've lost plenty of people along the way, just like many other people. So, I'll raise my beer glass to them tonight… To those that are dead, and of course, those lost that are still living…

On opening this 5.3% volume Ghost Dance there was a pleasing herbal hoppy smell mixed in with the sweet malts, such as pale and possibly crystal. On taste this deep golden pale ale has a rough bitter herbal hoppy edge to begin with, as the three hops swirl around each other with every mouthful, like the stamping of many dancing feet around the sweet barley malt warmth of a large campfire. I can almost hear the drums and the chanting of the dancer's imploring their loved one's to come forth and join them from the afterlife. To jigger and judder back into the land of the living for just one spooky night of the year… For those those that go dancing, clinking and clanking, and bump, bump, bump through the night!

Happy Halloween… Mwah hah hah haaa….! ;-D

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