23 October 2019

Scream - Toffee Apple Soreen (Sainsburys) By @SpectreUK

It's the run up to Halloween and of course there's nothing that inspires blind terror more, enough in fact to make me Scream - as Toffee Apple Soreen. There's not just one of them in the packet, there's five individually wrapped critters after me. I blogged about Soreen Scream Chocolate & Blood Orange a few years ago. These terrifying Toffee Apple loafs help with the run up to Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night, where Toffee Apples are traditional wiped all over young and old peoples' faces whilst they try to eat them off a stick in front of a huge fire, whilst also not blowing themselves up with fireworks at the same time.

Blind terror aside I braved opening the first of the five Scream Toffee Apple Soreen loafs…. I suddenly heard a shrill terrible shriek outside the house. To be fair it was probably the hawk that keeps flying around and nabbing the odd pigeon and small bird. I saw it the other day take a little bird out of one of the bushes in the garden. The snatch and grab took all of three seconds and the hawk was away with its lunch. Terrible indeed, but also a natural fact of life… we all have to eat, and my treat right now is a Scream Toffee Apple Soreen. There was a sweet taste of apple on biting into the small brown loaf, with a complementary added toffee sweetness towards the back of the flavour. Not particularly scary, though it was very tasty indeed and I can't help looking forward to the other four loafs!

Information on the packet;
Each of the five 30g loafs have 98 calories, with 1.5g of fat, 6.4g of sugar, and 0.2g of salt. A good source of fibre, so please see the ingredients in the photograph below.

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