7 October 2019

Manchego Cheese and Chilli Crisps (Marks and Spencer) By @Cinabar

I love cheese, one of my favourite easy meals is to get a selection of cheeses, some biscuits some olives, simple but heaven. I quite often buy Manchego cheese, firm, strong but with a creamy flavour, and it goes beautifully with a spicy pickle. Did I mention I love cheese? Clearly somebody at Marks and Spencer had a similar idea with the pairing though and they have brought out these new Manchego Cheese and Chilli Crisps, they are part of the posh ‘The Collection’ range. Yes Marks and Spencer which is already posh, has a posh own brand range.
As we are not that posh we shared these with sandwiches over the weekend at lunchtime. As much as I have a love of cheese, Manchego in particular, my top choice of crisps is usually the meaty flavours but I’m happy to give something different a try. The crisps look like they are dusted with a green herb, which I think from he flavour was parsley. The crisps have a decent crunch, but aren’t too thick. The first flavour to hit is the cheese, it is surprisingly distinctive as Manchego with a lovely smooth nuttiness too. The chilli was surprisingly warm, usually Marks and Spencer “hot” crisps are quite mild, but I loved the way the burn built with these ones, it started slow and ended up with a decent tingle. I thought I could pick up on some nice onion on the flavour too. These might not be meaty crisps, but I still rate them rather highly and will be buying another bag of these Manchego Cheese and Chilli Crisps for sharing.

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