11 October 2019

Gigantic Mint Buttons (Marks and Spencer) By @Cinabar

Gigantic Mint Buttons (Marks and Spencer)

These new Gigantic Mint Buttons from Marks and Spencer come with quite a bit of a claim about their size, they didn’t choose the word big, or giant even, they went a stage further and went with gigantic. I have to admit I was expecting disappointment when I opened the bag, I just assumed that the size would be disproportionately smaller than expected, but I’m pleased to report that I smiled and found they were quite a decent size.
I ate the first one whole, I’m not sure why but I can confirm it was fun to try and fit a giant, sorry gigantic, button in my mouth. Sadly though despite theses looking like rather fab Gigantic Mint Buttons what they succeeded on, the size, was not what I needed from the after all. The mint tone was muted which was such a shame. The milk chocolate was decent, it had a thick soothing melting, the flavour was creamy and sweet. There were mint crystals embed in the chocolate and this gave them a light crunchy texture and a nice feel to bite into. The strength of the mint was so very mild though that it was a complete opportunity lost. Mint Aeros, After Eights, Mint Kit Kats in fact every mint UK chocolate bar I can think of out powers these by quite a long way.
So my worry with these Marks and Spencer Gigantic Mint Buttons was about the size but it turns out size really doesn’t matter, flavour on the other hand does.

Gigantic Mint Buttons (Marks and Spencer)


paulham said...

Are they plain (dark) chocolate?
If not, then shame! no mint should have to suffer the indignity of being paired with milk chocolate. Yeuch!

Unknown said...

Lovely idea. Size is great but barely a hint of mint. Just sugary sweet. Come on M&S you can do better.