3 October 2019

Actual Caribbean Drinks - Calypso (by @NLi10)

Multiculturalism has massive advantages for access to snacks and drinks. Sometimes I take odd routes just to end up in areas of Birmingham  which have supermarkets targeted at other people. Here is the drink selection from one such place.

Here we can see Irish Moss - which is Carrageen and other things to make it taste less like fungus water. Maybe another day. 

Here is Ting, it’s basically pop, but with very unusual flavours. I was tempted.

But then I saw this. A nice big glass bottle of kiwi lemonade. Calypso is the real deal, it’s like drinking a slushee with no ice, or undiluted cordial. It’s my kind of strong and certainly a memorable sensation. 

I loved kiwi fruit growing up and there really aren’t enough English brands brave enough to embrace this kind of power. And yeah - it’s better on a hot day, but I decided to walk instead of wait for the bus so did get quite hot by the end of it.

I’m sure there are chemicals in it that aren’t entirely good for you but I forgot to take a pic of the back. It’s always worth exploring the genuine import shops so maybe I’ll manage to get the other drinks too soon.

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