10 October 2019

Visiting Gloucester Services - Pt 2 - Savoury (by @NLi10) @glouc_services

Any holiday is improved by a visit to one of the Westmorland Family Service stations.  It's not so much somewhere to have a quick stop, as a big part of the journey.  They have natural surroundings, and lovely sustainable premises.  And food.  Food worth stopping for.

We stopped on the way back from Cornwall (well - and on the way there...) and here are the sweet  savoury things we ate!

There are lots of veggie pasties.  There are even veggie oggys out there.  This one is a step above both with a 'F' added to the name to signify forest or fresh or farmhouse - i Forget which. 

My partner enjoyed this.  Not sure how it's possible to be more deluxe with veggies - better cheese I guess?

Meat on the other-hand... I'm not great on processed meats - the low quality sausages and pork pies do a number on my stomach.  Proper quality cuts of meat have never been an issue however.  So wonderful crispy sausage rolls like this are great.

They even look appetising uncooked!  If only I had some more meat to eat while it was cooking...

My dad makes amazing pies with real meat in them, but occasionally I treat myself to one of the comercial ones that are almost as good.

It's all real things, with actual meat and fruit textures and flavours as you'd expect, and the pastry is super-deluxe. I'd happily pick these up weekly as a treat if I could, but alas I don't make it to the farm shops as often as I used to.

As I said with the sweet treats I think that these work better as an occasional snack alternative to the everyday versions, but I wouldn't mind getting these just a little more often.

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