6 October 2019

Visiting Gloucester Services - Pt 1 - Sweet (by @NLi10) @glouc_services

Any holiday is improved by a visit to one of the Westmorland Family Service stations.  It's not so much somewhere to have a quick stop, as a big part of the journey.  They have natural surroundings, and lovely sustainable premises.  And food.  Food worth stopping for.

We stopped on the way back from Cornwall (well - and on the way there...) and here are the sweet things we ate!

I'm a big fan of the teacake.  Tunnocks are the kings, but M&S was the ones I was brought up on.  These just outclass both.  You can't get a measure of the size here.  Almost too big.  Almost.

The trick to these services is to take a little home with you, not too much - at £3.60 per cake you could get a few boxes of the regular grade teacakes.

You can also pick up a big box of fresh fudge for your mom's birthday! I had a nibble of the rhubarb and chocolate one.  Scrumptious.

This is what I came for.  It's basically 4 teacakes in one - the biscuit is very crumbly - the jam is solid and fruity - the mallow is tasty and fluffy, and the chocolate is deep enough to make grown men weep.  

Naturally I ate it in one extended sitting.

It's not an everyday treat, its not even a once per holiday treat.  This almost begs to be rare and special -  it's Christmas Day good!  I think that a plate of these to have as a festive treat would be amazing, and part of a great tradition.  I'll have to see whether I can find an excuse to drive past nearer the time.

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