8 October 2019

Matchmakers Gingerbread Flavour (Poundland) By @Cinabar

This is the second gingerbread themed item I’ve tried since October began, anybody would think Winter was on the way. I’m happy though I love the Winter spices and actually look forward to the limited edition items, it is just that I would happily eat them all year. Why can’t we have cinnamon and sunshine, it makes no sense to me!
Anyway I was browsing in Poundland, trying to to find the elusive Raspberry Fry’s Cream and not succeeding, I did at least find a box of Matchmakers Gingerbread Flavour. Something new with spice, it felt like a decent consolation prize.
The box is burnt orange in colour, and stood out on the shelf. Inside the Gingerbread Flavour Matchmakers look like the regular chocolate sticks, and there seemed a fair number in the box.
The chocolate are pleasantly sweet and there is a decent hint of spice about the flavour. As with all Matchmakers there are flavour crystals mixed into the chocolate which add a bit of crunch and these ones have that too. I like this added texture. The spice is a little disappointing sadly and I’m struggling to work out why to be honest. There is ginger and it is warming, but it seems flat somehow, there is no wonderful warmth and comforting gingerbread taste, just a hint of spice that left me wanting something more from each bite. I guess it is the depth of flavour that is missing.I don’t mean to over criticise as these are nice, but they didn’t exceed that for me.

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