22 October 2019

Cadbury Cake Bars - Raspberry Flavour (Tesco) By @cinabar

Cadbury Cake Bars - Raspberry Flavour

I found these Raspberry Flavour Cadbury Cake Bars in the Halloween section of my local Tesco, and picked them up with a few other seasonal themed goodies. Once I got them home I realised that although there is a spooky design with bats on the packaging, they weren’t that Halloween themed. It is mainly just the outer packaging, not the wrappers or the contents that show any real signs of Halloween. The missed opportunity is if you bought some of these for Trick Or Treaters you wouldn’t given them a whole multipack (if you would I’m coming round) so assuming they get a single cake bar each, there is not much of a hint of Halloween on the item going into their goody bag.

Cadbury Cake Bars - Raspberry Flavour

The cake bars are nice though. There is a lovely bright pink layer of raspberry creme, and the fruity flavour is very much at the forefront, there is loads of sweet raspberry taste. The chocolate sponge is nice and fluffy and the milk chocolate coating is strong and tasty. I think these would have been amazing with dark chocolate but I guess that would be a side step from the Cadbury chocolate brand.
So yes, I liked the Raspberry Flavour Cadbury Cake Bars, sweet fruity and tasty. As a Halloween product though it is hard to not be disappointed. This is making me think I should set up a category called “non-Halloween Halloween products”. Come on brands lets pick up the pace, there must be something out there that is truly special this season. If you have seen something please let me know.

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