4 October 2019

Jewels Of The East Chocolatory KitKat (John Lewis) By @Cinabar

Jewels Of The East Chocolatory KitKat

On Monday I tried out the most expensive KitKat I have ever eaten, it was called Springtime in Japan Chocolatory KitKat, and is only really sold by John Lewis in very posh looking boxes. These are designer KitKats. This KitKat was in a twin pack with it and is called Jewels Of The East Chocolatory KitKat. This bar is made with a dark chocolate and is flavoured with rose and pistachio.

Jewels Of The East Chocolatory KitKat

Visually this is a very pretty bar, it is decorated with rose petals and patches of pistachio chocolate and and had a pistachio filling. The back of the Springtime in Japan was decorated with a distinct pattern in the form of a blossom tree, this bar is just sprinkled with nuts and petals which is pretty, but not quite as special.

Jewels Of The East Chocolatory KitKat

Inside the KitKat you can see the pistachio chocolate a little more clearly, and the pistachio and rose paste filling, with its green tinge.
The dark chocolate is at 53% cocoa, but does still taste stronger and is quite dark for that level. The flavour is set off really well with the nuts and pistachio, the flavours are rich and indulgent. The rose is a mild taste and as the chocolate is dark the flavour from the petals is a bit more subtle, just in the background, but it does add a nice edge. I thoroughly enjoyed this KitKat, perhaps not quite enough to justify the price but I did enjoy experiencing something a little more exotic.

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Anonymous said...

In case anyone is wondering, the cost of the twin pack Springtime in Japan & Jewels of the East is £12. Bought individually they're £7.50 each, gulp.