24 October 2019

Scones - Devon Vs Cornwall (@NLi10)

So - my plan was to have lots of scones in Devon and lots of scones in Cornwall, decorate them correctly and say which I preferred.  I managed one set in each location.

The Devon scones were huge and came with far too much stuff to pile on.

Cream first

Jam next.  Unfortunately the huge scones basically tasted like really heavy bread.  The sheer amount (we took them away and had the 2nd lot the next day) really put me off trying more.  The tea, jam and cream were ace - but the scones were not really what I wanted.

Here we are in Cornwall, Jam first Cream on top

Again, ace quality ingredients and a much more acceptable portion size, but the scones just were not that exciting.  What has happened to people?  Are Irish scones really that different from the hipster ones that the market is demanding?  What on earth are you doing to make them so breaddy?!

I do wonder if i'd have registered the Cornwall ones as being bread like if it hadn't been for the first lot, but look at these photos - that not crumb like - thats a cob cut!

I think I'm going to have to sample a lot more locally and see whats going on (and bake my own more).

Result - both Devon & Cornwall lose.  Rematch next time we go down.

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