5 October 2019

Riggwelter Ale (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Not that I know anything about sheep, but the back of the bottle tells me that if a sheep is on its back and it can't get up (and I've no idea why a sheep would be on its back), local Dales dialect states that it is 'rigged' or 'riggwelted'. At 5.7% volume this Riggwelter dark ale from the Black Sheep Brewery, in North Yorkshire, might be a clue as to why the sheep has found itself in that predicament!

Gold winner of the World Beer Awards for United Kingdom, this "Strong Dark Yorkshire Ale" is showing a great deal of promise even before opening the bottle. So, I just had to open it. This deep dark brown ale has a strong smell of chocolate malt to it, with light roasted coffee undertones. The herbal hops tickled my nostrils at the back of the aroma.

On taste I can see why Riggwelter is a gold winner. The strong roasted coffee flavour springs to the fore to start with, closely followed by a sweetness from the chocolate malt, and finishing with a coven hoof stamping bitterness from the herbal hops.

Mmm… Many more of these and I may be joining the sheep on it's back… No… Hang on… that didn't sound right!! :-o

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