20 October 2019

Unicorn Rainbow Hoops and other sweetness (@NLi10)

Whats the best thing to get kids sent out of class before break-time?  SUGAR!

How can we get them to eat more sugar in the morning? UNICORNS!

I mean, these are a lot better for you than the good old days - they don't have anything artificial in them so they have the colours of those rainbow rock sweets, but they still have a red sugar warning.

Note that I've mixed them with lovely bite-size shredded wheat so that I can have a semi normal attention span at work.  But how do I survive the afternoon sugar crash?

Here we have a good exmple of the things I keep in the work freezer. Skittles Ice Lollies.  Well - actually its a hybrid. Ice on the outside, ice-cream on the inside, and little crispy bits of skittle shells throughout to add some texture.  It's actually the best thing in this review - but I didn't try these til the end of the summer so it's not that seasonal.

How about we wash this down with some import orange vanilla coke?

The corn syrup lobby is at it again, making American stuff taste odd.  This is essentially just Mezzo-Mix which is very confusing as that itself is just Coke and Fanta together.

All in all a very hyperactive day!

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