29 October 2019

Skull Marshmallow Lollipop (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

When I think of all the Halloween products I’ve seen this year this Skull Marshmallow Lollipop the smartest item I’ve found. These lollipops were found in Waitrose and the design on them is simply stunning. They are designed in the theme of the Day of the Dead, they are bright and colourful and frankly the prettiest Halloween goodies I’ve seen. It seems a shame to eat them but needs must with blogging.
 The front of the Skull Marshmallow Lollipop is a printed design and the shop seemed to stock multiple versions of designs which is nice. They are actually made of decorated marshmallow and pressed into the sides are hundreds and thousands, which a add to the seasonal glam. It also adds to the texture and means the bites of mallow also have a a light crunch from the added sugary goodness. Texture wise the marshmallow is thick and squishy and the texture is fun to eat. The flavours are plainer than the colour scheme but the creamy vanilla is tasty and lollipop is pleasingly sweet.
I think these are such lovely looking treats that they would make a perfect gift for family and friends but they are far too nice to give away to Trick of Treaters. Sorry folks these are a bit to posh for strangers. I’d suggest enjoying one with a warming hot chocolate as the perfect accompaniment to having an evening in.

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