13 October 2019

Doritos Collisions - Habanero and Guacamole (@NLi10)

We don't buy 'chips' all that often, it's more of a sharing thing.  We did pick these up to go with a lunch or two and they were a little bit more interesting than I'd expected.

Doritos Collisions (or Collusions as I'd oddly fixed in my head until writing this) have been around for a good decade now, but this is a new one to me.

It's a fairly standard twist, a hot one and a less hot one (although the dust meant they were both a little spicy).

Are you bold enough to give it a try??!! Well yes - even the spicy ones aren't that spicy.

Obligatory pack shot that makes it look like you don't get many!

I was fairly civilised and had mine with Olive bread with a pastel de nata for afters.  Yum.

And you know - they are fine - they are only Doritos after all.  More interesting than most of the standard flavours though and a nice change for lunch.


paulham said...

"pastel de nata", those Tesco ones aren't half as nice as the Lidl ones.

NLi10 said...

Agree!! Lidl & Aldi understand Euro things a little better than Mr Tesco.