4 November 2019

Irish Velvet & Cream Latte (Costa) By @Cinabar

Costa Irish Velvet & Cream Latte

There has been some controversy at Costa this year with its seasonal Bonfire Latte selling out of most branches before the end of October, and a week before Bonfire Night. Even their social media accounts tried to state that a Bonfire Latte wasn’t related to Bonfire Night and it was simply an autumnal drink; face it guys you need to put you hands up and admit you just didn’t order enough syrup. However they have now launched their Christmas menu early to compensate so I’m still happy but this meant I got explore new drinks.
The first drink to catch my eye is this new Irish Velvet Cream Latte; which was even advertised on a poster on the door. The new Irish Velvet Cream Latte comes topped with cream and a pretty gold coloured white chocolate star on top. I started here with spoonfuls of cream which is always a nice way to begin. The drink itself is a good balance of Irish Cream flavours without being too sweet. It is made with a syrup so there is sweetness but the tones of whisky flavour (no alcohol) and nuttiness blends with the coffee really well and shines through. I have to admit that Irish Cream wouldn’t normally be my first choice for a coffee flavour but i thought this addition works really well, so much so I’d have it again. I feared a sickly over sugary drink but ended up with a grown up flavour that works really well, lovely and soothing. And no I don’t think it is too soon for festive goodies like this Irish Velvet Cream Latte, but lets hope the stock last until Christmas for Costa.

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