16 November 2019

Harviestoun Schiehallion Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

I don't often write about lagers, but this one is highly vaunted, so I thought I better give it a go! Schiehallion is an idyllic mountain in Scotland. This Harviestoun Brewery lager has taken its name from that mountain, suggesting an intrepid side to this wheat malt and lager malt 'Champagne of Lagers'. Anyone who calls their beer the 'Champagne of Lagers' must be pretty confident that people will like it. I don't actually like Champagne, so I'm glad its not involved in the brewing, however, I know what they mean. It also won the WBA World's Best Pilsner Award in 2008. So that's a bit of a hint there…

On opening this 4.8% volume lager I could smell the wheat malt and the yeastiness almost immediately, with the lager malt at the back of the aroma. On pouring this bright golden Schiehallion I noticed it wasn't as bubbly as lagers often can be. On taste this lager has an initial light citrus crispness with the wheat malt nosing its way through the hoppy bitterness, and the slightly sweeter lager malt coming in towards the aftertaste. This is definitely a fulsome flavoured craft lager and a delight to drink. Rather than one of those belly burping mass-produced lagers I served to many a guzzler when I was a barman way… way back when!

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