8 November 2019

Fry’s Raspberry Cream (B&M) By @Cinabar

This is another of the interesting Foodstuff Finds I had at the new branch of B&M which has opened up locally to me. This follows on from the re-release of the classic Fry’s Orange Cream, which came back without too much fuss from the brand but lots of excitement from chocoholics that liked the retro bar. I had searched for this Fry’s Raspberry Cream bar in Poundland where I had been told it was an exclusive, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it in B&M instead. Perhaps the exclusivity was time limited.
The bar looks bright in its dark pink multipack and maintains the classic style retro branding from Fry’s. Inside there are three bars, again in style with the brand. I think the original Fry’s Raspberry Cream bars were pink inside but there ones, like the Orange, have a white filling surrounded by dark chocolate.

I think I had been expecting an overly sweet and fruity flavour, and although this bar is sweet, with plenty of berry taste, it was subtler than I thought it would be and there was even a hint of floral to the taste. The flavour was far more grown up than I thought it would be, and the chocolate worked like a treat with it. I loved this bar, I don’t remember the original well enough to compare the flavour but this version was perfect for me. The raspberry was yummy, the delicate flavour was much appreciated and the chocolate flavour blended perfectly with it. I wonder if they will bring back the Five Centres back?

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