22 November 2019

Minty Muddle Chocolate Round (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

My niece regularly adds a chocolate pizza to her birthday or Christmas wish list. It isn’t something that needs to be baked (but how cool would that be) it is essentially a circular slab of chocolate that looks like a pizza. They must be good though, as it has been requested multiple times! This Waitrose Minty Muddle Chocolate Round is a similar concept, it is called a “round” but on the back has segments (slices) for easy sharing.

I love chocolate mint, it is one of my go-to flavours, up there with cinnamon spice which is my ultimate favourite, so this seemed the perfect place to start. Once out of the box this Minty Muddle Chocolate Round smells delicious, lots of minty tones and plenty of chocolate. I used the back as a guide and shared it out into portions. The pieces look quite cute with plenty of white chocolate drops and dark chocolate crumb sprinkled all over.

The chocolate is substantial and quite thick, I love the mix of textures as the dark chocolate sprinkles were crispy and the white’s chocolate drops were soft. The chocolate consists of both swirls of dark and white chocolate but because of the mix tasted mostly like milk chocolate, but does look pretty. The mint flavour is well balanced and there is plenty of peppermint and it works perfectly in conjunction with the chocolate.
I think this Waitrose Minty Muddle Chocolate Round would make a perfect stocking filler, a bit of a novelty for sure, but nicely designed and good quality chocolate with well balanced flavours.

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