5 November 2019

New Cadbury Orange Twirl (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

New Cadbury Orange Twirl

The hype about this New Cadbury Orange Twirl has been unprecedented. I have asked so many local shops if they have it in stock and all have replied something along the lines of no, but if only I had £1 for everyone that asked I’d be rich! On a special stop off at a local Co-Op to check there too I finally had success. The man in the shop said he only put the box out 30 minutes ago and I had the last six bars from it. Weirdly they are on offer at two for £1, but they really didn’t a special deal to make this chocolate bar sell out.
The bars themselves are in a twin pack which has an orange coloured section highlighting the limited edition nature of this bar. I unwrapped the Cadbury Orange Twirl and could already pick up on the chocolate orange scent. The bars themselves looked like regular Twirls, two sticks of flake style chocolate with a milk chocolate coating.
The chocolate has the usual crumbly texture and thick sweet melt of a Twirl, but the flavour is backed up with oodles of orange. It is a sweet and fruity flavour and the richness of the chocolate is broken up by a lovely shot of citrus. I thought it was a well balanced bar that was distinctively Twirl but still worked like magic with its orange twist and it gets the thumbs up from me. I can’t remember ever seeing a limited edition Twirl before so I do understand the mass search for this chocolate bar and I do think it is worth it. Hopefully this bar becomes a bit more easy to find as time goes on. Have you managed to find one yet? What did you think?

New Cadbury Orange Twirl

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Anonymous said...

WILKO are selling them. I like it, yeah. I always loved Twirls, now with orange added it's even better