3 November 2019

Eating vegan food, but still eating great food (@NLi10)

As I'm not a vegan, but I often eat like one, I have the wonderful position where I can try things that are meat-like without feeling bad in either direction.  Oumph is one I've meant to write up before - as the bag shows it's basically like the little bits of chicken you pull off BBQ wings.  I can't be bothered with bones so this is perfect for me (and the chickens).

One big frozen bag is maybe 4 portions.

Here we see Asda classic - crispy potato letters.

And these are excitingly veggie too - no hidden shellfish to floop my stomach!  3 mins cooking time means I bought these as a hot snack for when friends come round.  This rarely happens so lets eat them alone!

My letters say Miao although looking at it now that may be an upside down W

Lots of soya and wheat & perfect on their own or with even more soy sauce.  Yum.

Side note - I tried to pan cook these a different day (the chicken ones) and used a new oil that I got - unfortunately it was designed for salad dressing and kinda went a bit wrong and made the house smell of burnt plastic for a week.  Oops!

Here we see some frozen Oumph - it does look a bit meaty.  My partner had a single bite of this (she's veggie) before deciding that I'd have to eat hers too.  I gave her extra gyoza as compensation.

It's great though - pre-marinaded means you have to make sure it doesn't burn to the pan, but the flavours and textures are awesome.  It's showing up in a few restaurants too now so you can even try it out and about.

Here we see some deftly timed gyoza.  These were also a little too real for my partner who gave me back some of her portion as well - bonus food is always good!  I did have to double check the package myself as the smells and tastes are very authentically Japanese.

So - if you want things that are a little different to veggie burgers and pasta - then these are OK - if your target non-meat person doesn't mind that they are a little too authentic in places.

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