2 November 2019

Fire Catcher Beer (Morrison’s @WychwoodGoblins) By @SpectreUK

I'm expecting a cacophony of noise any minute. Any second now the whole place is going to erupt into screaming, whizzing, popping, fizzing, banging, booming explosions of colour in all directions - well mainly up into the dark sky hopefully! Yes, it's the Saturday closest to Bonfire night. This Fire Catcher golden beer from the Wychwood Brewery, in Oxfordshire, is said to have crisp citrus aromas, and a warming honeyed and yet sharp gooseberry flavour. Just the thing to heat up anyone's cockles as they step out to light the fireworks at the back of the garden. As a session ale at 3.5% volume, this Fire Catcher should be alright not to make the fire starters too dizzy, but nevertheless, please drink responsibly!

On opening the bottle there was indeed an intense citrus hoppy smell and a mouthwatering sweetness from the malts at the back of the aroma. On pouring this deep golden ale has a fruitiness to its smell reminiscent of gooseberries. This fruitiness springs to the fore in the tasting. First sip and I was hooked. The strong gooseberry fruitiness dominates the flavour all the way through each mouthful. Not in a bad way, of course, but certainly in a noticeable battle for supremacy over the underlying citrus undertones, and the sweet malts. This is a very original tasting beer and took me a little aback, with its underlying honeyed spiciness and domineering gooseberry fruity flavour. My hat is definitely off to Wychwood Brewery for this one. Enjoy if you have one or two, and please be careful when you're out and about during Bonfire season!

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