12 November 2019

Pip's Hot Chocolate Coins (@DegustaboxUK) By @Cinabar

Pip's Hot Chocolate Coins

Part of the inspiration for the start of this blog was an at-work quest for a decent hour chocolate, and it has always remained a keen topic for us here at Foodstuff Finds. I actually had started to believe I was super fussy with hot chocolate and have even been known to tip mugs of the stuff away as I didn’t think the drink was worth the calories. I know, proper drama queen. So when I found a selection of these Pip's Hot Chocolate Coins in my latest Degustabox I have to admit I was cautious about being too excited.

My first thought was that they looked too small to flavour a mug of milk but as I took the wrapper of i realised they were actually quite chunky, think the tardis or something. I heated some milk and when it was hot added in the Pip's Hot Chocolate Coin and stirred. It took a little while to start dissolving but did and once it began to then melted and mixed in easily, I gave it a little whisk with a fork too. The drink looked dark enough and I hoped for good flavour too.
When it came to the taste test it passed with flying colours. The flavour of the drink was rich and chocolatey, there was lots of soothing cocoa and just enough sweetness for my tastebuds. It is soothing rich drink which is what I think a hot chocolate should be. I found myself looking forward to the other Coins included in the box and even checking out the other flavours available on their website, to see what they do. Black Forest looks like it will be in my Christmas list!

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