18 November 2019

Limited Edition After Eight Mint & Mango-Pineapple (B&M) By @Cinabar

After Eight Mint & Mango-Pineapple

I think it is fair to say if you had asked me what flavour I predicted After Eight would launch in the run up to Christmas I would have guessed orange. With Orange Twirls and Terry’s Chocolate Orange Muffins at Costa orange is turning out to be the flavour of the season. Just to clarify by orange I mean just orange, as fruit and mint would be odd wouldn’t it. I was wrong, by quite a long way, they have launched After Eight Mint & Mango-Pineapple Limited Edition. It is a brave choice, and to be fair it sounds like quite an exciting new variety to try, let’s just hope it works.

After Eight Mint & Mango-Pineapple

The inside of the packet is the usual layout, with chocolate thins in dark envelopes decorated with a gold clock design. They look just like regular After Eights and don’t have a strong aroma. The texture too is identical to the normal chocolates but the flavour is far from the usual. The first taste is mint and it is quite strong, but close behind are the mango and pineapple and in there sweet juicy tones. I took a moment to allow my taste buds to adjust and found myself wanting a second chocolate. Mint and fruit both in strong proportions but the combination was fab.
Nowhere in my head did I think these After Eight Mint & Mango-Pineapple thins could possibly work but against all the odds they do. They are actually fantastic, with a new flavour combination that seems to mix tropical fruit and mint in a way that makes you think of an exotic fruit cocktail with a load of mint leaves stuffed into the glass. Refreshing fruity and I’m going back for a second box.


paulham said...

You want yer head lookin' at, you do!

cinabar said...

It genuinely works - though I accept it shouldn't! :-D