14 November 2019

LoveRaw Butter Cups - Peanut & Hazelnut (By @NLi10)

After the abject disappointment of the Hershey's Halloween offering I decided that I'd invest in some more me peanut consumption.

Here we have a LoveRaw Peanut butter cup - and I say invest because these are £1.99 for two!

It's raw, dark chocolate so it's vegan (and so nice) and the peanuts have nothing nasty added to them.

They look a little dry and unappetising copmared to the pack shot so I'm wondering if these got heated in transport.  But! They taste great and have a real peanut flavour which the Americanised ones just can't come close to.  And these are satisfying to eat - you don't feel like you need a 2nd right away - well... 

We did have a 2nd right away as we cut them in half!  Again this didn't really travel well - a little more card to protect them may be necessary.

The hazelnut one was basically a Nuttella cup and given the choice the one I'd gravitate towards most again.  At £1 per cup it's quite hard to justify as an impulse buy from Holland & Barrett but I'm sure it'll happen occasionally.

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