20 November 2019

Bachelor’s Super Noodles BBQ Beef (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Being a snack food and beer blogger and also keeping my weight down with exercise and watching my calories can sometimes be a bit of a bind. I've just looked at the calories in this Bachelor's Super Noodles BBQ Beef and they're pretty high. I used to not care and overeat all the time, but since this second knee operation, my surgeon badgering me about keeping my weight down, and the fact that even after a year of rehabilitation I still have marked limitations on a knee that's muscles now look pretty much exactly the same as the other knee… I have to keep my weight strictly down in the future. There isn't a heck of a lot of fat anywhere anymore either, apparently muscles are pretty heavy too!

With this BBQ Beef Supper Noodles I'm just going to fry up some mushrooms in sunflower oil and have a piece of toast on the side, and then have my usual apple and high protein yoghurt for afters. Been as though my stomach seems to have almost disappeared after months of constant exercise, I can't eat half of what I used to anyway, as I get comfortably full really easily now.

On opening the pot there was some seasoning, dried peas and diced carrots on top of the block of stringy noodles. After preparation with freshly boiled water, stirring and leaving to stand for a while, there was a good smoky sweet barbecue smell from the reddish noodles in the pot. On taste I was actually surprised how good this Bachelor's Super Noodles BBQ Beef is. I guess I'm still stuck in the generational thinking of noodle pots being wet and relatively tasteless. There was a good smoky barbecue flavour from the noodles and sauce, with an almost caramel sweetness into the aftertaste. These noodles went perfectly well with my fried Mediterranean seasoned mushrooms and piece of toast on the side. I'd certainly recommend this for a quick and tasty meal for someone on the go!

Information on the pot;
The 75g pot contains 354 calories, with 15g of fat, 3.8g of sugar, and 1.49g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients.

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