23 November 2019

Atlantic Pale Ale (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Described as "tropical and refreshing" I may have left it a little late to drink this Atlantic Pale Ale from Sharp's Brewery, in Cornwall. However it's pouring down with freezing rain outside at the moment and what better time to have a tropical beer that's refreshing than in the freezing cold wet Autumn? Well, summer… yes! However after swimming in a freezing outside swimming pool earlier and at a fast pace too, as I may have died if I'd have stopped for a minute, I need something that could remind me of a sunny beach somewhere hot and humid. The good thing is that Sharp's Brewery support the Blue Flag Awards for keeping beaches and bathing waters clean and safe to enjoy!

Now this 4.5% volume Atlantic Pale Ale is vaunted to have the citrus aromas and flavours of American hops, but without their usual intense bitterness. I hate to mention it, but I actually like my ale nice and bitter. Like my grizzled personality, and dashing chiselled looks. Okay, I'm joking, but I do like my ale BITTER! I can't stand it when I eat or drink something that doesn't taste of anything. I'm old and our tastebuds start to go at a certain age.

On opening the bottle there was a light citrus hoppy smell just before the sweet malts kicked in. On taste this deep golden Atlantic Pale Ale bizarrely has an almost lager flavour. On a blind taste test, I'd have picked this pale ale out as a lager I'm sure. Not too belly burping, but it has a decent fizz and a mild citrus hoppiness to start with, followed by a yeasty flavour mixed with a little sweet malt. This beer doesn't taste like a pale ale to me. But… it does taste… so that's a bonus, and it tastes good. Even if it is very pretty reminiscent of a lager.

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