27 November 2019

Microwaveable Pork Crackle (Kings Elite Snacks) By @SpectreUK

You may be asking if the title is right of this blog. Yes, it is Microwaveable Pork Crackle. Kings Elite Snacks very kindly sent us a whole box of these Microwaveable Pork Crackle, so I hope I like them. I've certainly never thought about heating up any pork crackle or wanted any hot, but I've an open mind where snacks are concerned. Pushing horror stories of microwaveable popcorn setting fire out of my mind, I'm going to give them a try.

Watching my calories to try to keep my weight down, I try to limit myself to one packet of high protein (yet fatty) pork scratchings a week after one of my morning weights and swimming sessions. These Microwaveable Pork Crackle certainly fit into that bracket of snack food. So I'll try them on the side with my usual tuna sandwich.

Looking at the instructions they state to remove the inner paper bag and to carefully read the instructions on it… I'm not great with instructions, as I'm more an attention span deficit kind of person. so I'm hoping the instructions are not long and I don't dose off reading them. Specifically not putting the plastic wrapper in the microwave seemed very important though. So here goes…

Now I'm not saying everyone will definitely have problems with this product…. but what I am saying is that I personally had problems with this product. First of all the dial on our almost brand new 800 watt microwave oven (as the old 1000w microwave oven packed up recently) only counts in 10 seconds, so the two minutes and fifteen seconds instructed had to be stopped right before the two minutes and twenty seconds was up. Second of all on unfolding the bag it was clearly far too big for the new tiny microwave, although the microwave can fit a whole dinner plate in it. In fact I was pretty sure the bag wouldn't have turned in the old huge microwave oven either. Third of all, as you can see from the photographs, although the bag expanded it also almost caught fire. I did read the instructions thoroughly and watched it all the way through the cooking process, and I also noted the smell of burnt flesh was pretty disturbing after roughly a minute of cooking. I turned the bag around and noticed the scorch marks on it but then finished cooking it anyway, and left it to stand for a couple of minutes.

As you can also see from the photographs a few of the Pork Crackle pieces were also burnt. I did try a couple of other pieces, but the Original favouring was more or less Ready Salted and could not disguise the burnt flesh smell that filled the kitchen for the rest of the afternoon even with the back door open. In fact the burnt flesh flavour had been absorbed by the rest of the cooked Pork Crackle. I threw away the rest of the bag, and then threw away the contents of the box Kings Elite Snacks had kindly sent us. I'm afraid I'd rather stick to my pork Crackle pre-cooked!

Information on the packet;
The 35g bag contains 78 calories per 17.5g, with 2.3g of fat, less than 0.1g of sugar and 0.41g of salt. These Microwaveable Pork Crackle are gluten free, with no artificial colours or flavours. Ingredients included pork rind (94%) (antioxidants BHA, BHT), sea salt, rice flour, yeast extract, and black pepper extract.

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