29 November 2019

Jingle Bell Pepper Tortilla Chips (Aldi) By @Cinabar

I accept I like a novelty snack product, it isn’t my fault, I love Christmas too. That is probably why I found myself in Aldi with this bag of Jingle Bell Pepper Tortilla Chips in my hand and a big grin on my face. I refuse to grow up, why wouldn’t everyone want a bag of these Christmas tree shaped snacks at this time of year?
So I bought these because I couldn’t really put them down or find a reason not to. We ended up eating them while watching the television catching up on Strictly, and I even bought a sour cream and chive did to posh things up. The Jingle Bell Pepper Tortilla Chips are well defined as trees, and there pointy shape means they make quite a good scoop with the dip. I have to say I was rather excited when I realised that the whiteness of the dip looked rather like a layer of snow on my Christmas tree tortilla chip. Please see previous comment about not growing up.

In terms of flavour these were very mild with almost no spice. The ‘bell pepper’ is like the large red pepper vegetables that you buy rather than being a type of chilli, though I did only realise this myself when I noticed the expected chilli heat was missing. The lack of spice is intentional then, and this means that they are easy going for Christmas visitors.
The flavour is tasty but gentle, the tortilla has a nice crunch and I loved the design. These Jingle Bell Pepper Tortilla Chips are a lovely Christmas snack, perfect to munch on during a seasonal film. Has anyone put their tree up yet?

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