10 November 2019

Hang On - This Isn't Chicken! Plant based tikka pieces (from @Ocado) by @NLi10

So - we've established that This Isn't Bacon, but what about Chicken?  Is this close enough to pass for chicken?

They've been smarter with this - it's not plain old chicken in chicken shaped bits - it's all cubed and ready for the BBQ (which is totally happening in the future with this).

Luna wanted me to prove that it wasn't for her - and was satisfied that it wasn't chicken.

A box is two portions - but really you could sit and eat a whole box without effort.  But what's it like.

Arty food shot! Definitely not my TV unit at all...

It looks more like meat than the typical Quorn versions, and it certainly has the good texture and flavour that you'd expect.  It's not going to fool many people though - but I do think it's probably a step too meaty for my partner to consider eating.

Give the choice I'd have the not bacon, but the not chicken is probably a lot more versatile so I'd get through more of that.

And as both are still on special offer at Ocado (at least they are when I write this) I'm already making plans for more.

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